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Li Keqiang’s Appointment as Premier Signals Further Centralization of Power in China Under Xi Jinping’s Leadership

China’s political Landscape: Xi Jinping’s Guy Li Set to Become China’s Next Premier On March 7, 2023, China announced that Li Keqiang is set to become the country’s next premier. Li is a longtime acolyte of President Xi Jinping, and his selection as premier indicates that Xi’s influence and power will continue to grow. Li’s […]
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China’s Military Advancement: An Analysis of the Latest Developments

China has been rapidly advancing its military capabilities in recent years, becoming a significant global player in the field. The country’s focus on developing advanced technology has been a key driver behind its military advancements, with China investing heavily in research and development in areas such as artificial intelligence, hypersonic weapons, and unmanned vehicles. As […]
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Taiwan: A Chinese invasion is not imminent, but the US is keeping a careful eye on the situation, according to Gen. Milley.

China is obviously building the capability to attack at some time, but doing so would be a political decision, according to Gen Mark Milley China claims Taiwan is a separatist colony that must be reunified with the mainland, even if it means using force. It has accused the United States of encouraging Taiwanese independence and […]
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China claims to have tested a missile-interception system.

China conducted a land-based missile interception test that “achieved its planned goal,” according to the Defense Ministry, defining it as defensive and not directed at any specific nation. As part of an ambitious modernization project led by President Xi Jinping, China has increased research on all types of missiles, from those that can destroy satellites […]
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