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Despite Putin’s “historic” error, Russia must not be humiliated, according to Macron.

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that it is critical that Russia not be humiliated so that when the violence in Ukraine ceases, a diplomatic solution can be found, and that Paris will play a mediation role to end the crisis. Since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Macron has pushed to retain contact with Russian […]
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With a food crisis coming, Milley believes that employing military force to break the Russian embargo would be a “high risk.”

In the midst of growing calls to break Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports for grain exports, America’s top military general warned that doing so militarily would be a high-risk military operation. The statements were delivered by Mark Milley, chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, to reporters as he came here […]
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The German government is preparing a $108 billion defense increase for a vote.

German government and opposition party leaders are urging their members to support a constitutional amendment that would ensure a €100 billion (U.S. $108 billion) military budget proposed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in late February, just days after Russia invaded Ukraine. The fund, which is intended to fill equipment and ammunition gaps, will be critical in […]
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Top US and Russian generals speak for the first time since Ukraine’s invasion

General Mark Milley, the highest US military official, spoke by phone with Russia’s Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov on Thursday, the Pentagon said, the first communication between the two since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. “The military officials addressed various security-related matters of concern and decided to keep the lines of communication open,” […]
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Germany and the Netherlands will supply Ukraine with howitzers.

Ukrainian soldiers will begin training on the Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzer in Germany next week, after the Dutch and German governments agreed to send 12 of the heavy weapons to the war. The decision comes after extensive deliberation in Berlin about the extent of Germany’s military assistance to Ukraine. Previously, the administration of Chancellor Olaf Scholz […]
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Washington Institute: US should not reward UAE and KSA in Yemen.

The United States’ assistance to the Saudi-led coalition might lead to complicity in war crimes.

Yemen’s lengthy conflict has killed almost a quarter of a million people, either directly or indirectly, as a result of insufficient food, health care, and infrastructure. It has featured unlawful attack after unlawful assault, with civilian objects targeted by the warring […]
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The US Army is preparing a call for prototype designs of optionally manned combat vehicles.

According to service officials in charge of the effort, the US Army will approach industry for prototype designs for its Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle successor when it issues a final call for bids in June. Much of what the Army is looking for in the upcoming detailed design phase for the optionally manned fighting vehicle, […]
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