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The sale of US drones to Ukraine has been halted.

According to two persons familiar with the situation, the Biden administration’s proposal to transfer four big, armable drones to Ukraine has been halted due to concerns that their sophisticated monitoring technology may slip into hostile hands. The technical objection to the sale was identified during a more thorough evaluation by the Pentagon’s Defense Technology Security […]
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Press Release – The UAE: A Reliable Ally?

Press Release: The UAE: A Reliable US Ally?   The Washington Institute for Defense and Security is pleased to have hosted a collaborative event entitled “The UAE: A Reliable US Ally?”. The event, hosted in Washington D.C has been the most recent in a collaborative series with the Political Science Department of Virginia Tech and […]
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NATO nations pledged their support for Ukraine in the event of a chem-bio attack

NATO nations intend to approve more assistance for Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s incursion, including weaponry to repel a future chemical or biological assault. The support is critical to protect the alliance’s own member nations, which would also be contaminated if Russia used a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) weapon against Ukraine, said Secretary-General Jens […]
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Video: The Saudi-Iranian Proxy War

Saudi-Iranian Proxy War Video Link The decades-old feud between them is considered a fierce struggle for regional dominance. Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting for control in the Middle East, which has transformed much of the region into a battleground. Iran and Saudi Arabia took advantage of regional dynamics, conducting a new sort of proxy […]
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