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Video: Spotlight on the Western Balkans

Spotlight on the Western Balkans Video Link   An assessment of security conditions in the region in light of international players’ interventions. The meeting will highlight funding of Jihadism, arms trade, and other security threats with a particular focus on UAE, Chinese and KSA activities in the region. Moderated by: Selen Eşençay | International Relations […]
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China would diplomatically support Russia if it invades Ukraine

Experts believe China would back Russia diplomatically and maybe economically if it invaded Ukraine, exacerbating Beijing’s already poor relations with the West, but would refrain from offering military assistance.  President Joe Biden warned on Friday that Russia’s Vladimir Putin has chosen to attack Ukraine within days, which Russia disputes.  China’s foreign ministry has frequently chastised […]
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What does President Putin want?

President Putin has made it clear that he wants immediate talks to secure clear legal agreements that Nato will not expand eastwards. He has further alleged that Russian-speaking people in Ukraine continue to face prejudices and are not safe. Moscow is looking to prevent Ukraine joining NATO or the EU, not in the near future, […]
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UN: North Korea is developing nuclear missile programs in 2021

According to an excerpt of a classified United Nations report, North Korea continues to advance its nuclear and ballistic missile programs in defiance of international sanctions and despite the country’s worsening economic circumstances during the first half of 2021. A team of independent sanctions monitors submitted a report to the United Nations. Pyongyang “continued to […]
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Five more terrorists have been added to the US State Department’s worldwide terrorist list.

The State Department said on Friday that five suspected Islamist militants have been added to its Specially Designated Global Terrorist list, requiring any ownership or interests in U.S. properties they possess to be blocked. Individuals or foreign financial institutions who engage in specific transactions with the five might face US penalties as a result of […]
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Isolation of the Russian internet and its consequences for Russian cyber activity

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced their commitment to future, lower-level cybersecurity discussions after their meeting in Geneva. Biden claimed he pushed Putin to crack down on cybercrime in Russia during a press conference conducted separately from Putin. Yet, just weeks later, over the July 4 weekend, a Russian criminal gang launched a […]
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