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Poland Steps Up to Provide Fighter Jets to Ukraine in Face of Russian Aggression

Poland has recently become the first country within NATO to provide Ukraine with fighters, as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate. The move comes as a response to Ukraine’s urgent need for warplanes to defend itself against Russian aggression. The provision of fighters is part of a broader effort by Poland to […]
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US approves sale of Tomahawk missiles to Australia under Aukus pact, raising concerns

Australia is set to purchase 220 cruise missiles, including Tomahawk missiles and technical support, from the US in a deal worth $895m, pending approval from Congress. These missiles will be used by Australia’s newly acquired Virginia-class submarines under the Aukus defence pact, and Defence Minister Richard Marles has described them as a “really important capability” […]
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US Army Plans to Establish Three Multidomain Task Force Units in the Pacific to Counter Emerging Threats

The US Army’s Chief of Staff, General James McConville, has recently announced plans to establish three multidomain task force units in the Pacific region. This move is aimed at bolstering the Army’s capabilities in the region and countering emerging threats from countries like China and Russia. Multidomain task force units are designed to operate across […]
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US Army Prioritizes Modernization in 2024 Pentagon Budget, Slowing Down Upgrades to Legacy Platforms

The Pentagon budget for 2024 has been a topic of much discussion in recent months. With the US Army making some strategic decisions regarding its legacy platforms, the budget has been adjusted accordingly. This decision has been met with some criticism, as it raises questions about the US Army’s preparedness for future conflicts. However, many […]
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Pentagon Responds to Chinese Balloon Incident with Last-Minute Investment in ISR: Analysis of the 2024 Budget

The Pentagon’s proposed budget for 2024 includes a last-minute investment in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities following a recent incident involving China’s use of a high-altitude balloon to monitor the US military. The $753 billion budget, which was submitted to Congress on March 16th, includes an additional $1.4 billion for ISR capabilities, bringing the […]
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The Biden administration backs a prospective F-16 sale to Turkey.

The Biden administration backed the prospective sale of US F-16 fighter fighters to Turkey on Wednesday, a day after Ankara withdrew its veto on Finland and Sweden joining NATO. On a conference call with reporters, Celeste Wallander, Assistant Secretary of Military for International Security Affairs at the Pentagon, said that robust Turkish defense capabilities will […]
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The United Kingdom will provide Ukraine M270 multiple-launch rocket systems.

Despite Russia’s danger to the West, the UK is delivering its first long-range missiles to Ukraine, according to the defence secretary. According to Ben Wallace, the M270 multiple-launch rocket system will improve Ukraine’s defense against Russia. The government has not confirmed the number of weapons that will be deployed, although the BBC believes that three […]
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The German government is preparing a $108 billion defense increase for a vote.

German government and opposition party leaders are urging their members to support a constitutional amendment that would ensure a €100 billion (U.S. $108 billion) military budget proposed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in late February, just days after Russia invaded Ukraine. The fund, which is intended to fill equipment and ammunition gaps, will be critical in […]
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The US Army has agreed to backfill Stingers supplied to Ukraine.

The US Army has given Raytheon Technologies a $624.6 million contract to develop Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to replenish its own stockpile after providing around 1,400 Stingers to Ukraine to reinforce the country’s defense against the Russian incursion. The Pentagon announced Friday that “work sites and financing will be established with each order, with a projected […]
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