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Microsoft Should Suspend Data Center Plans in Saudi Arabia: Balancing Corporate Growth with Human Rights Considerations

  In an era driven by digital transformation, the establishment of data centers has become a crucial aspect of expanding technological infrastructure. Companies like Microsoft, with their global reach and influence, face important decisions when choosing locations for their data centers. This article, on behalf of the Washington Institute for Defense and Security, argues that […]
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US to Expand Submarine Industrial Base for AUKUS Partnership, Supporting Australia’s Nuclear-Powered Submarine Development

The recently formed security partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, known as AUKUS, has been making headlines since its announcement in September 2021. One of the key areas of focus for the partnership is the expansion of the submarine industrial base to enhance the underwater capabilities of the three nations. Under […]
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What’s Next for Mali?

The past few years have seen major political upheaval in the West African nation of Mali, with two coups in as many years. The most recent transition took place in May 2021, when President Bah Ndaw was ousted by his vice president and former special forces colonel, Assimi Goïta. The newly established junta, as recently […]
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Why Religion matters: Safeguarding Spiritual and Community Leaders

Spiritual leadership is a combination of natural and spiritual qualities. It is used to influence God’s representatives towards assisting religious followers to achieve spiritual fulfillment. This webinar aims to present the factors that lead individuals towards the acceptance of violent extremism, the role of Community Leaders in preventing Violent Extremism and the role of Media […]
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Video: Spotlight on the Western Balkans

Spotlight on the Western Balkans Video Link   An assessment of security conditions in the region in light of international players’ interventions. The meeting will highlight funding of Jihadism, arms trade, and other security threats with a particular focus on UAE, Chinese and KSA activities in the region. Moderated by: Selen Eşençay | International Relations […]
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Five more terrorists have been added to the US State Department’s worldwide terrorist list.

The State Department said on Friday that five suspected Islamist militants have been added to its Specially Designated Global Terrorist list, requiring any ownership or interests in U.S. properties they possess to be blocked. Individuals or foreign financial institutions who engage in specific transactions with the five might face US penalties as a result of […]
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