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Washington Institute For Defence & Security (WIDS)


Washington Institute For Defence & Security (WIDS) is a policy think tank whose mission is to promote critical thinking on security and defense affairs.  Our prime objective is to inform, impact and enhance public debate on key security, military, intelligence, and counter terrorism development. WIDS is a non-governmental body concerned with extrapolating, detecting, and analyzing security and defense challenges. We focus on predicting and analyzing global security threats that would jeopardize national and international security. Our work helps decision makers and stakeholders understand emerging security challenges and provide them with the contexts, information and tools to mitigate them.


The Washington Institute for Defense and Security will serve as a source of advice, analysis, and commentary on the diverse array of threats across the world. From acts of terrorism to global conflict, we seek to help develop defensive and pre-emptive mechanisms to understand and resolve obstacles to national and international security.

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As a research-led think tank, our network is connected to its world-class expertise and high calibre thinkers. Our research investigation is precise, objective and approach significant. WIDS has wide range of multidisciplinary investigate, research tools and mechanisms all aimed at detecting and tackling the most pressure affairs.


Our events feature top experts in the field and discuss most pressing topics and urgent matters. We make sure to react to events and news development with high calibre experts who often speak at our events and also contribute to our academic deliverables.


Our publications seek to stimulate public discussion and debate while creating an informed view. We produce reports, briefings and policy papers which help decision makers in the US and across the world.


Our membership is open to those seeking to enrich the discussion by contributing and also benefiting from our work. The membership has different layers such as Associate Researcher, Author, Research Fellow, Member, and advisor. You may enjoy the benefit of one of those membership if your expertise fall within our work area.

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