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Ukraine need International support to strengthen its air defense system

Ukraine gets an air defense system from the United State and its allies. This critical move by the US is to assist Ukraine by providing Patriot missile batteries and essential components. At the NATO Summit an announcement was made from the US officials regarding this assistance. Also this decision underscores their commitment to bolstering Ukraine’s defense capabilities. However, many leaders explore their plans. 

They deliver dozens of tactical air defense systems to Ukraine in the coming months. The main purpose of this help is to make Ukraine stronger to protect itself against the conflict with Russia. Also it showcased the solidarity and strategic partnership between Ukraine and these allied nations. By providing help, the United State and its allies ensure the stability and security of the region. They also demonstrate that the US stands with Ukraine to fight against all external threats. This collective effort is a testament to the shared values and goals of these countries in promoting peace and security.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in February 2022. Since then Ukraine got many aids and support from the United States. The US gave more than $50 billion aid to Ukraine and proves that this nation is the biggest supporter of Ukraine. However these aids delays in Congress for many months over the winter. Also it leads to a shortage of weapons for Ukraine. 

According to Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, this shortage proves beneficial for Russia. For a significant period, the battle lines were mostly frozen, with little movement from either side. Recently, though, Russia has made some advances in eastern Ukraine. In response the Ukraine president requested the Western government to speed up the military aid to assist the Kyiv’s forces. He also highlights that speedy aid makes them able to beat Russia and defend the nation in a better way. However, the conflict between these two nations and the requirement for timely aid is one of the critical issues for Ukraine and its allies. 

The United States approved $61 billion aid to Ukraine in April. Zelensky recently expressed his intention to double Ukraine’s air defense capacity over the summer. The current president of the United State announces this important support at the NATO Summit. He also emphasized the commitment to Ukraine’s defense in the Summit. 

This announcement was followed by a joint statement from leaders of the US, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Germany, and Ukraine, showcasing a united front in bolstering Ukraine’s defenses. This collective effort aims to support Ukraine to tackle ongoing challenges, pointing out the importance of enhanced defense capabilities for the country’s security and stability.

According to the joint statement: “We are providing Ukraine with additional strategic air defense systems, including additional Patriot batteries donated by the United States, Germany, and Romania; Patriot components donated by the Netherlands and other partners to enable the operation of an additional Patriot battery; and an additional SAMP-T system donated by Italy.”

In order to strengthen the air defense system, Ukraine has been asking its allies to increase the aid. The air defense system of Ukraine has become unstable due to ongoing attacks from Russia on its cities and vital energy infrastructure. Recently one post from Ukraine came into light. According to this post Russia  targeted the main children’s hospital in Kyiv with a missile. Many other cities of Ukraine were also hit by the missile strikes. 

This wave of attacks took the lives of many people, approximately 41 civilians marking it as one of the deadliest series of airstrikes in months. The ongoing attacks from Russia towards Ukraine need urgent help to strengthen the air defense capabilities to save the lives of Ukraine;s population and also for reactivating the essential facilities. Also this aid is important to stop the further destruction. 

This situation sends the clear message that Ukraine needs international support to protect its country from Russian attacks. Also this support makes this nation able to prevent further loss of life and damage to critical infrastructure. 

Moscow says it didn’t mean to aim at civilians or their buildings, even though many civilians have died in their invasion. However, according to reports, many civilians were killed by the Russian attacks. It clearly expresses the difference in how they see what’s happening. 

This  discrepancy shows the different perspectives of people. How they see the conflict and think about its impact on different people. Also this difference raises global worries. Nations have to unite together in order to overcome these ongoing crises. 


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