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United State stands against global blasphemy laws

The United State government is strictly opposed to the blasphemy laws everywhere in the world including in Pakistan. Recently a case has been monitored in Pakistan. A person who belongs to the minority community was attacked because of these laws. 

On Thursday a statement was given by Vedant Patel, the principal deputy spokesperson, during a press briefing. According to him, violence or threats are never acceptable ways to  express oneself. From all over the world, the United State consistently opposes blasphemy laws. Pakistan is also included in this opposition. 

In Sargodha, many protestors attacked a Christian community over blasphemy charges. And Vedant Patel was responding to the question about this situation. Furthermore, this incident points out the  tensions and violence stemming from religious accusations in Pakistan. It is important to take steps in order to deal with such concerns. This is because they endanger the lives and safety of religious minorities. It also underscores the requirement of tolerance. 

Additionally understanding and protection of religious freedom is also important. It is the responsibility of the government and communities to work together in order to promote dialogue and respect among different religious groups. This positive step is also important to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future.

A violent mob attacked multiple houses, smashing windows and setting household belongings on fire. 

The incident occurred when 44 suspects allegedly attempted to lynch a Christian man, as reported in the first information report. 

This attack clearly points out the irregular trend of communal violence and also highlights religious intolerance. Such incidents are not only dangerous for lives but also threaten the peaceful environment in society. It is the responsibility of the people who have authority to investigate the case properly and strict action against one who is involved behind these incidents. 

This can not only be important for the present but also save the future from such types of incidents. It also  serves as a stark reminder of the need for tolerance, respect, and protection of religious minorities.

The complaint also mentioned Section 7 (punishment for acts of terrorism) and 11WW (lynching) of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

In reply, Patel confessed that the United States already knew about the media reports, “ “As we’ve previously stated, we are always concerned by incidents of religiously motivated violence.”

When a question arises about the mureder of 5 Pakistani soldiers he stated that the US administration was aware of the reports. These soldiers were killed in a gun battle with terrorists at the Pak-Afghan border region. This statement clearly points out the nature of security issues in the border. This is the place where  Pakistani forces are actively engaged in combating terrorism.

This incident clearly highlights the security challenges faced by both Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is difficult for both nations to maintain security along their shared border.  It also raises questions about the level of cooperation and communication between Pakistan and the United States regarding security matters in the region.

Patel said, we are interconnecting with Pakistani leaders in order to discuss counterterrorism and regional security issues. We talk on a variety of topics and occur through various channels, including high-level meetings and working-level engagements. These discussions allow us to pave the new way and explore detailed aspects of our shared security concerns. 

By engaging in extensive bilateral consultations, we ensure a comprehensive approach to tackling the challenges that affect both our nations. This ongoing dialogue reflects our commitment to collaboration and mutual support in enhancing regional stability and combating terrorism. Our joint efforts are essential for achieving lasting security and prosperity in the region.

He also added: ““We have a deep relationship with Pakistan over a number of key areas, and we’ll look for ways in which we can continue to deepen cooperation, particularly in the areas of the economy and security as well.”


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