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Dave Chappelle Courts controversy with genocide comment on Israel in new comedy special

During his performance in the United Arab Emirates’ capital, American comedian Dave Chappelle referred to the Israeli war in Gaza as a “genocide” to thunderous applause. He also urged Americans to combat anti-Semitism so that Jews would no longer believe that Israel is their only source of protection. In the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, he was doing a performance. Before Chappelle took the stage, the whole audience at Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Arena applauded when DJ Trauma, who traveled with him, played the song “My Blood is Palestinian” by Palestinian musician Mohammed Assaf.

Chappelle sparks outrage

In a broad comedy set in Abu Dhabi, about halfway through, Chappelle first said he’d been urged by pals to talk about the war or not. “Free Palestine!” cried a woman from the crowd. The assembly applauded. After that, Chappelle called the war a “genocide” and claimed that by making Jews feel safer in America in the face of an increase in anti-Semitic incidents, they would come to see that they don’t need Israel to be their protector. However, Chappelle’s reference to President Joe Biden, who has pledged “ironclad support for Israel,” during his discussion of the impending US election caused a lot of jeers to break out around the arena. Donald Trump received applause. 

Chappelle cracked jokes during the show, much like other performers. He entered the stage carrying a falcon, a representation of the United Arab Emirates. As the Israeli military’s savage assault on Gaza enters its 230th day, over 35,800 Palestinians have lost their lives. Women, children, and infants are among the most vulnerable demographics that make up the majority of the victims. Not only has the death toll been heartbreaking, but over 80,200 people have also been injured, with many of them suffering serious injuries.

Comedian’s Israel comments draw fire

An estimated 10,000 or more individuals are thought to be buried beneath the debris of their homes, with no idea what will happen to them due to the bombers’ devastation. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is of enormous proportions, with the already terrible circumstances facing its citizens being made worse by mass displacement and suffering. The International Court of Justice determined in January of this year that it is “plausible” that Israel had violated the Genocide Convention. 

The politically outspoken comedian informed the audience that he thinks growing antisemitism, especially in America and the West, is the reason why Jews accept Israel’s behavior towards the Palestinians. In doing so, he denounced antisemitism as well as Israel’s war in Gaza. According to the Associated Press, the comic informed the audience halfway through his performance that he had been advised not to talk about the conflict in Gaza. A woman yelled “Free Palestine” in response, sparking a round of applause and Chappelle’s brief remarks on the subject.

Chappelle takes on anti semitism

According to accounts, Chappelle said that students shouldn’t lose their jobs because they support Palestinians, which sparked a debate with the audience. After he said that, someone in the audience reportedly yelled, “shut up,” which inspired him to say more things concerning Israel. 

According to the WSJ, the comedian strongly denounced Hamas’ assault on Israel, but he also said that American involvement in the killing of defenseless people was occurring. After signing a letter endorsing Hamas, three Harvard or Columbia students were turned down for positions at a prestigious legal firm. Three law students at Harvard and Columbia colleges had their employment contracts revoked by the New York law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell after the students signed open letters endorsing Hamas following the terrorist organization’s fatal attacks against Israel.  

Controversy in the comedy club

The comic informed the audience that, when he was eating at an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin neighborhood of the city, a homeless person had just urinated in front of the shop. According to a spokesman, Chappelle told the WSJ that he had not been in Boston. Nonetheless, the Boston TD Garden’s performances were uploaded to the website of the venue. 

The request for response from Fox News Digital has not yet been answered by Chappelle’s representative. Around 1,200 Israelis were murdered in an attack by Hamas on October 7, and the Palestinian terrorist group abducted roughly 250 captives, of whom about half have not been released. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been sparked by the Israel-Hamas conflict across the Middle East, however the AP pointed out that free speech has been strictly restricted in the United Arab Emirates.


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