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Israel policy impact on Biden's re-election prospects

Fayez Sayegh is one of the smart Palestinian scholars that wrote something interesting about Israel. He said, when one observe that pro-Israel groups are very powerful, they might be weak in reality. And this fact is true when we look at how American voters step back and deny to support Israel. 

Israel is now losing favor from American youngsters even before October 7 last year. The latest Gallup poll from March found that the young generation in the United State, especially African American, Latino, and Asian Americans opposing Israel. At the same time many youngsters now support Palestinians

Despite overall support for Israel among Americans, most people from various groups strongly disagree with the actions of the Israeli government. According to them, the United States must stop supporting Israel because of its cruel behavior and other issues like  building settlements and violating human rights. Violation of human rights is one of the root causes that compel Americans to take a step back from supporting Israel. 

When Israel groups come to know about this then they employ different strategies to tackle these challenges. These strategies involve targeting and arnishing the reputation of both pro-Palestinian activists and members of Congress. Also passing laws in over twenty states that punish supporters of efforts to boycott or sanction Israel, linking criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism in about twelve states. Furthermore, they launched  a significant multi-million dollar campaign called “hasbara ” (which means explaining in Hebrew) to enhance Israel’s image in the US.

Last October, Israel got sympathy from different countries due to sad losses after the Hamas attack. They again get support from different nations but after a few months they act so harshly and don’t care about the lives of the people living in Palestine. This made a lot of people, especially Democrats and other important groups in America, not like Israel as much.

After all of these, still the leaders of White House support Israel. Additionally they also get aid from political parties in Congress, mainstream media, and many commentators who supported Israel’s side of the story.

A Lot of people have been supporting Israel, especially those who work for President Joe Biden, even when they try to change their stance by saying they want to protect Palestinian civilians.

Additionally, big TV networks and newspaper agencies in the US also get instructions from political leaders on how to cover stories in favor of Israel. Many leaders in Congress have been defending Israel’s action in a shameful way. 

Even though those in power support Israel, there’s growing dissatisfaction among regular people. Israel is losing support from important groups in the Democratic Party, like young people and minority voters. This decline in support is also affecting President Biden.

Many people are talking about how Arab-Americans are losing faith in Biden, especially those who supported him in the Democratic primaries. But it’s not just them, recent polls show that black voters are also turning away from Biden, partly because of his support for Israel.

People’s feelings toward Israel are becoming more active. There have been big protests in cities across the country. Over 200 local governments and important institutions, like major unions, have criticized Israel’s actions and called for an immediate ceasefire.

Many leaders and students are demanding a ceasefire and limits on aid to Israel. Pro-Israel groups are spending big to fight them, pushing laws to label criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. They’re also threatening organizations and individuals who support Palestinian rights. Critics won’t back down, which might hurt Biden’s re-election.

With all of this many political leaders and students are also demanding a ceasefire and limit on support to Israel. Pro- Israel groups spend a lot to tackle these situations. They are also pushing laws to label criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. They also opposed those who fight in support of Palestine and also threatened different organizations who talk about the rights of Palestinian. So, critics won’t back down, which might hurt Biden’s re-election.


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