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Gaza Health Ministry Reports Grim Casualty Figures

There’s nothing to agree upon, according to a Hamas official, because Israel won’t leave Gaza, won’t let Palestinians who have been displaced to return to their homes, and won’t guarantee that adequate aid will reach the region. Reports of “multiple forms of sexual assault” by Israeli troops against Palestinian female captives have alarmed UN experts, including the special envoy on violence against women and girls. 

Aid organizations report that they are attempting to free dozens of patients and medical personnel who are stranded inside Khan Younis’ Nasser Hospital, which has been rendered inoperable by Israeli forces. Israel conducts operations deep inside the southern region of Lebanon while cross-border fighting with Hezbollah intensifies.

According to the Health Ministry, since October 7, Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip have resulted in at least 29,092 Palestinian deaths and 69,028 injuries.

Escalation of Violence

Concern over hundreds of Palestinian women and girls being held by Israel was voiced by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Israel claims to have killed over 10,000 Palestinian terrorists, although it has not shown any proof to support this claim. Following the terrorists’ attack on Israeli towns, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to keep up the battle against Hamas until “total victory.” 

In response to violence elsewhere, more than half of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have sought sanctuary in the southern town of Rafah, which is bordering Egypt. He and the military have stated that forces will soon go into this area. The main ally of Israel, the United States, claims it is still attempting to mediate a new ceasefire and hostage-release arrangement with Egypt and Qatar, the mediators. However, it seems that these initiatives have stopped recently, and Netanyahu infuriated Qatar by urging it to exert pressure on Hamas and implying that it provides funding to the terrorist organization.

Alarming Death Toll

Additionally, the war has resulted in almost daily gunfire exchanges that constantly threaten to escalate between Israel and the militant organization Hezbollah in Lebanon. In one of the worst raids close to a major city, Israeli jets on Monday carried out at least two strikes in the southern port city of Sidon, injuring fourteen persons, according to Lebanese official media. The Israeli military said that in response to a drone that detonated in an open field close to the northern Israeli city of Tiberias, it hit Hezbollah arsenal stockpiles near Sidon. The number of injured Palestinians has exceeded 69,000, surpassing the capacity of the region’s hospitals, little over half of which are even partially operational. In its count, the ministry does not make a distinction between fighters and civilians. terrorists headed by Hamas invaded southern Israel from Gaza, murdering over 1,200 people mostly civilians and kidnapping about 250 more men, women, and children. This marked the start of the conflict. Following a series of swaps for Palestinians detained by Israel in November, over 130 people are still in captivity, with 40% of them thought to be dead.

Humanitarian Crisis

The video, which was made public by the Israeli military on Monday, purports to show the brother and mother of the youngest captive being escorted through the streets of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, shortly after their capture. The footage shows that Shiri Bibas and her two little boys Kfir, who was nine months old at the time, and Ariel, who is four years old survived the first kidnapping. 

The boys and their mother are the sole children still held captive. The army is “very concerned” about the family’s well-being, according to top spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari of the armed forces. He said that the footage were discovered by the army on security cameras taken during its assault in Khan Younis. In the footage, Bibas is seen carrying Ariel while being taken by her captors along a muddy street while covered in a blanket. According to the soldiers, Kfir was hidden behind the blanket and seemed to be in a baby sling.

Across Israel, the baby with the red hair and toothless smile has come to represent the powerlessness and rage over the captives that are still being held in Gaza. Yarden Bibas, their father, is still a prisoner.


In conclusion, An Israeli human rights group revealed that Palestinians in Israeli prisons endure daily violence from guards who enter cells and beat inmates with batons, kicks, and fists without provocation in abuse that could amount to torture. Israel has been detaining thousands of Palestinians since the start of the war. According to a study released on Monday by Physicians for Human Rights Israel, prisoners said that guards had peed on them, made them undress, and forced them to kiss the Israeli flag. In addition, inmates endure prolonged periods without access to water and are housed in cramped quarters.


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