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China is obviously building the capability to attack at some time, but doing so would be a political decision, according to Gen Mark Milley

China claims Taiwan is a separatist colony that must be reunified with the mainland, even if it means using force.

It has accused the United States of encouraging Taiwanese independence and has pledged to “resolutely smash” any such attempt.
Recently, tensions between China and the United States, Taiwan’s most powerful ally, have risen significantly.

China has dispatched dozens of jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone, while the United States has sent navy ships into its seas.

In May, US President Joe Biden claimed China was “playing with fire” by flying near to Taiwan. He pledged to defend the island.

When asked if he thought China will invade Taiwan, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said:

“Could, should, would, those are key words there.”

“In terms of capability I think China clearly is developing a capability. President Xi [Jinping] has mentioned that in public forums, he’s mentioned it in speeches, that he has challenged the PLA [China’s People’s Liberation Army] to develop the capability to attack Taiwan at some point in time.

“And whether they would or not, it’s a political choice, it’s a policy choice, that will be based off of how the Chinese view the cost risk benefit at the time.”

“There’s no indications or warnings of anything imminent at this time. But again, we watch it very, very closely,” Gen Milley added.



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