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Serbia showcases a new Chinese anti-aircraft missile system.

Serbia officially showcased a freshly supplied Chinese anti-aircraft missile system on April 20, prompting fears in the West and among some of Serbia’s neighbors that an armaments buildup in the Balkans may jeopardize the region’s fragile peace. A dozen Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force Y-20 cargo planes recently transported the advanced HQ-22 surface-to-air system […]
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Press Release – The UAE: A Reliable Ally?

Press Release: The UAE: A Reliable US Ally?   The Washington Institute for Defense and Security is pleased to have hosted a collaborative event entitled “The UAE: A Reliable US Ally?”. The event, hosted in Washington D.C has been the most recent in a collaborative series with the Political Science Department of Virginia Tech and […]
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Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Russian President Vladimir Putin subtly discussed the potential of a nuclear attack against anybody who interfered in the fight at the commencement of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The following are some of the fundamental concerns concerning the likelihood, which many experts and Western diplomats believe is distant, that Putin will deploy nuclear weapons. In his […]
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WIDS Security Bulletin – April 2022

Washington Institute for Defense and Security Security Bulletin – April 2022   Europe & North America: Mariupol, Ukraine: Russian forces have encircled the southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, cutting off supplies and logistics for the defenders. By April 22nd, the final Ukrainian holdouts were concentrated in the Azovstal Steel Plant, an industrial facility which has […]
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The Ukraine War Could Be the Worst Thing for Syria.

Russia’s conflict in Ukraine has dramatically damaged Moscow’s once-dominant role in Syria, putting growing strain on the agreements it had in place with major parties such as the US, Iran, Turkey, and Israel. While some powers involved in Syria’s civil war are using the new circumstances to their advantage, Russia is attempting to maintain its […]
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