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The US Army has agreed to backfill Stingers supplied to Ukraine.

The US Army has given Raytheon Technologies a $624.6 million contract to develop Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to replenish its own stockpile after providing around 1,400 Stingers to Ukraine to reinforce the country’s defense against the Russian incursion. The Pentagon announced Friday that “work sites and financing will be established with each order, with a projected […]
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Biden warns the US is prepared to use force to safeguard Taiwan, sparking a retaliatory response from China.

President Joe Biden of the United States warned on Monday that he would be prepared to use force to defend Taiwan, evoking praise from the democratic, self-ruled island but fierce rebuke from China. When asked if the US would protect Taiwan if it was invaded during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio […]
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The Pentagon is making progress on cybersecurity despite hurdles.

According to a congressional watchdog study, the Department of Defense is making substantial progress in securing key networks in the face of cyber assaults from foreign enemies seeking intel. According to the Government Accountability Office, the department had 70 percent or higher compliance in implementing four select safeguards for controlled unclassified information as of January, […]
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Top US and Russian generals speak for the first time since Ukraine’s invasion

General Mark Milley, the highest US military official, spoke by phone with Russia’s Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov on Thursday, the Pentagon said, the first communication between the two since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. “The military officials addressed various security-related matters of concern and decided to keep the lines of communication open,” […]
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Russia says that it is employing advanced laser weaponry against Ukraine.

Russia is allegedly using its invasion of Ukraine to test new warfare technology. According to Reuters, the Russian government is employing a new generation of laser weaponry to fight Western technology that is assisting Ukraine’s self-defense. Russia, according to Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, is testing prototypes for a drone-destroying laser weapon called Zadira, which […]
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A satellite image depicts a probable new Chinese nuclear submarine capable of launching cruise missiles

A submarine observed in a satellite shot at a Chinese shipyard appears to be a new class or subtype of nuclear-powered assault submarine with a new stealthy propulsion system and cruise missile launch tubes. Planet Labs provided Defense News with a satellite image of the shipyard in Huludao in Liaoning province, northern China, taken on […]
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India has called off the Ka-31 helicopter agreement with Russia

Following the uncertainty in military supply caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, India has terminated discussions with Russia to buy ten Kamov Ka-31 airborne early warning helicopters for $520 million. According to an Indian Defense Ministry official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the Indian government has paused discussions with Rosoboronexport and original equipment […]
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