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The US Army has begun work on a plan to replace Stingers with next-generation interceptors.

According to a solicitation recently placed on the federal procurement website Sam.gov, the US Army has initiated an endeavor to replace Stinger missiles with a next-generation interceptor for Short-Range Air Defense capabilities as the outdated weapon system approaches obsolescence. The call for information to industry for a new surface-to-air missile for the Army’s SHORAD system […]
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WIDS Security Bulletin – March 2022

Washington Institute for Defense and Security Security Bulletin – March 2022     United States & Europe: Kyiv, Ukraine: On March 16th, Ukrainian forces launched a counter-offensive to retake the region surrounding Kyiv. This offensive has retaken several towns in the area, pushing Russian forces back and straining their logistics. Washington, DC: The Biden administration […]
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NATO’s Northern Expansion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent shockwaves across the world, with ripples being felt both near and far from Europe. As NATO announces its new Strategic Concept at the 2022 Madrid Summit in late June, renewed Russian belligerence is sure to be a central topic of discussion. In the same vein, two unexpected new […]
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